Through a combination of research, comprehensive, multi-level, open-technical cooperation channels, increase the depth and breadth of cooperation on the basis of existing cooperation projects, the establishment of technical dynamic alliance with the downstream business, give full play to the advantages of the various enterprises so inter-enterprise complementary resources, sharing of results.

Focusing on key products, key technologies, the main technical bottlenecks, the company has with Moore Petroleum Engineering Materials Laboratory, Steel Research Institute, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Northeastern University, Zhejiang University, Yanshan University, Shenyang Polytechnic University, Henan University of Science and Technology research institutes cooperation in research and development, product innovation and a series of technical innovation projects. The company and external research institutes and research cooperation 6, respectively, developed in collaboration with Yanshan University "in 5000 tons of hydraulic machines" twist twist "forging new technology research summary report", in cooperation with Shenyang University of Technology to develop the "Φ140 ~ Φ450mm deep nesting complex electrochemical mechanical cutting technology and equipment projects, "in collaboration with Beijing University of Science and Technology development" LF / VD ladle refining furnace process optimization "project, in collaboration with steel Research Institute developed the" big ingot solidification mechanism and optimization of process parameters ingot mold "," technology development die steel forgings "project, and Wuhan Institute of Technology research cooperation projects on P92, alloy structural steel, H13 tool steel products such as class key technologies, the current progress of each project in good condition, and has achieved initial results.