Chemical company mainly in the center of the physical and chemical metering analysis of iron and steel materials, metallurgical testing, mechanical testing, nondestructive testing and other physical and chemical testing work, and geometry, thermal, mechanical, electrical and other measurement and calibration work. Center in Henan Province in 1990 through the metering defense recognized in 2009 by DiLAC, CNAS accredited testing and calibration laboratories.

The Centre has ARL (Switzerland) iCAP6300 inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer, ARL (Switzerland) 3460 photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, Hitachi S-3400N scanning electron microscope, Zeiss (Germany) AXIO Imager AIm upright microscope, Leitz (Germany) MM-6 wide field optical microscope, ELTRA (Germany) CS800 infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, ELTRA (Germany) ONH-2000 oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analyzer, Buehler (America) MICROMET5103 micro hardness tester, Wolpert 3000BLD / T Brinell hardness, Wolpert 60MRD type digital Rockwell hardness tester, CMT5305 computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine, WE-30-type hydraulic universal testing machine, BC2302N-3 pendulum impact tester, JBN-300B , JB30 impact testing machine, a weak magnetic field measuring instrument, digital ultrasonic flaw detector and other physical and chemical analysis of a large number of advanced detection equipment and 25 sets of metal-cutting and other material samples processing equipment.

Center established a geometric volume, temperature, mechanical, electromagnetic, etc. 17 measurement standards, with universal tool microscope, projector one meter measuring machine, vertical optical design, thermal automatic test systems, blackbody furnace, a large number of measurement detection equipment.

Physical and chemical metering center with its excellent technical ability, accurate and reliable calibration, analysis, rigorous scientific attitude, strict product quality control, provide our clients with quality services.