Smelting Equipment

Our company’s smelting equipment systems includ 40t basic electric arcfurnace 2 units, 40t-LF refining furnace 2 units, 1 sets of VD/VOD workstation, 3-20t electroslag furnace 10 units, 8 tons of induction furnace and AOD furnace 1 sets. Melting with duplex or three refining process, to maximize the removal of non-metallic inclusions and the harmful elements in steel, chemical composition and accurate control of steel. Especially the refining system is integrated by reduction refining, vacuum degassing, vacuum oxygen decarburization, dusting, wire feeding, argon stirring molten steel body. flexible and efficient refining production line, with protective atmosphere casting production of high quality ingot, induction furnace smelting +AOD can more varieties of stainless steel, non-magnetic steel products. Based on the above technology and equipment, our company can provide special steel in different Varieties and quality.

40t VD/VOD Furnace

40t LF Furnace

High Power 40t EBT Furnace

50T Vacuum Casting Equipmen

Forging Equipment

The main process equipment of our company forging system is imported from Austria SX - 65 type 1400t precision forging machines and one RF70 type 1800tprecision forging machine , 5000 tons of hydraulic forging machine , domestic 3150 tons of hydraulic forging machine , advanced technology transformation of Germany 2200t Oil Pan Kecompany quick forging machine , domestic 1600t water press and 20 meters of bell type annealing furnace, resistance of multiple reheating and annealing furnace; forging by using 2200t and 3150T hydraulic forging press forging, 1400tand 1800t precision forging machine precision forging, forging the intrinsic quality, smooth surface, high size precision, Keep the leading position at domestic and abroad.

2200t Hydraulic Press

5000t Hydraulic Press

RF70﹡1800t Radial Forging Machine

Machining Equipment

Machining system for my company has all kinds of large and medium-sized sets of metal cutting equipment more than 200 units. Among them are 5-20 meters of various CNC and ordinary lathe, 6-20 meters deep hole drilling machine and CNC pipe thread lathe, honing machine. The deep hole the longest reach 20m, coarse and fine turning can reach a diameter of 2.3m.

Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machines

NC Pipe Threading Lathes

20m Finishing Lathe

20m CNC Lathe

Heat treatment Equipment

Our company’s heat treatment system include 20m bell type annealing furnace ,quenching and tempering dual-purpose stove, 3.6 * 9m car type annealing furnace and 3 x 11m car type annealing furnace, Phi 2.2 * 12m well type heattreatment resistance furnace, 3 meters by 10 meters car type quenching,tempering furnace 5 sets; digital quenched two station , supporting a well type quenching water tank, well type and trough type oil tank and other large heat treatment equipment and 1500t hydraulic straightening machine. Heat treatment of products using electrical resistance heating can process 20m forging. In addition, our company also owns two oil drilling horizontal intermediate frequency induction heat treatment production line.

20m Cover-type Quenching and Tempering Furnace

Medium Frequency Heat Treatment Line

Well-type Quenching Furnace

1500t Hydraulic Straightener